Workshops return in September

We will be pausing the bi-weekly workshops through August. We’ll return in September. In the meantime, please share any ideas for future topics.

About Weathering the Storm

Weathering the Storm workshops are designed to provide business owners and leaders with timely, practical advice that they can implement into their businesses immediately. The sessions are led by industry experts and government leaders and are chock full of relevant information, resources and tools.

Each session covers a topic specially selected by our hosts and partners to make your business stronger and more resilient so you can successfully navigate these trying times.

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Thriving in the New Normal

Session #4 | Part 2

Business strategy planning is not only key for survival, but also for thriving in these difficult times. The decisions you make in the coming weeks will have a dramatic impact on your company.

In this workshop you’ll get critical insights and ‘navigational tools’ for working with uncertainty and planning for the aftermath of disruption such as:

    • Create a 3, 6 and 12-month cash flow forecast
    • Identify the key metrics you must manage
    • How to negotiate with vendors and suppliers to keep your business running
    • Tips for responding to a cash crunch
    • Discuss the impact on a company’s operating model and realignment of business strategies
    • Finding gold in the ‘gap’ between the problem and finding the solution

Thriving in the New Normal

Session #3 | Part 1

Restarting and ramping up the economy won’t happen overnight. Returning to “normal” will be a gradual process. In fact, we’ll be living in a new normal for quite some time. Estimates are that we’re looking at least a year before we get back to what we considered normal before.

Governor Brad Little, along with Central District Health published recommended guidance for Idaho Businesses to re-open.

  • What does this mean for your business?
  • What do you need to prepare?
  • When can you open?
  • How are you going to navigate your business through this?



Managing and Motivating Remote Employees

Session #2

Working remote isn’t new but the dynamics of doing it in quarantine are. Many employees who aren’t traditional work at home employees are finding themselves locked away from the office. This brings up technological, legal, productivity and emotional challenges. While the restrictions will loosen in coming weeks, we won’t see “business as usual” for much longer. As a business owner or leader, you’re the lighthouse for your team and the guardian of your company. It’s important that you keep the company running smoothly while taking care of the wellbeing of your employees.


Workforce Planning in Times of Crisis

Session #1

Many employers have had to close down daily operations, due to orders to shelter in place for the purposes of reducing impact from COVID-19. If you suddenly have surplus staff, and your budget does not allow you to continue regular payroll, you may opt to lay some workers off. As always, reducing staff requires a thoughtful and legally-compliant approach, and often professional legal advice. The following information does not constitute legal advice, but is provided to help you be sure you’ve considered all your options. In any event requiring reduction, legal advice is invaluable.


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